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“The reliability of IT systems is probably the most important thing in medicine. Belmedic, as a leader, does not compromise on reliability. We use a Coming cloud that has proven to be a highly reliable environment that can meet our growing needs. ”

Founder and Director, Bel Medic


“Save the money! Save the time! Save the business! For business it is necessary to develop and to keep sold disaster recovery plan and solution.”

IT manager, Arriva Litas

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“Realible, professional and innovative partners. Excellent technical support. A powerful ICT service integration team.”

Supervisor of the IT operations department,
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“To cooperate with Coming is our decision to be with professionals! Data storage system under their monitoring is secure and more than protected and for us that is the most important thing!”

responsible person of IT service Serbia,
Strabag BRVZ d.o.o. Belgrade

About Coming

COMING – Computer Engineering (CCE) d.o.o. was founded in 1991 to deliver World class IT Services. Guaranteeing quality and at a highly competitive flexible commercial model. CCE is dedicated to working with our clients and partners to deliver exactly what they need to drive value and their business success. We are proud of the relationships we have built together. COMING – Computer Engineering today has around 100 employees, most of whom are technical experts in their fields.

Our Profesional IT Services

Helpdesk Service

Operating system, Typical Applications, Security and Antivirus protection, Updating and performance, Network and Wifi connectivity

Cloud services

Migration, infrastructure redesign, Azure and AWS optimization


Busuness Continuity

Remote Backup and
Disaster Recovery services

Data centre service support

Consulting services for datacentre optimizations and upgrades, principal Infrastructure design and implementations, system integration and postproduction services, support 24x7x365

Our cloud services

Support for working from home

Cloud services

migration, infrastructure redesign, Azure and AWS optimization

Data protection services

Backup and DR

Data centre service support

Microsoft and VMware

Let Us Help You Grow

Our automotive services

B2B E-commerce Shop

Designated platform designed to prepare a range of wholesalers car parts or manufacturers car parts, their professional cataloguing and sales to customers via the Internet.

B2C E-commerce Shop

A unique B2C solution on the market that allows you to define the range of products you want to present to the end customers.

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Odyssey is a designated data management tool that offers a single repository for all of your parts in portfolio including those that exist in TecDoc, as well those that are not in the TecDoc database.

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SmartCAL is a web application that interprets vehicle damage estimations containing OE numbers into an offer of equivalent aftermarket alternatives.

Data Management

We can provide service to all your automotive parts data needs, from data standardisation to data managed service, including any bespoke data projects.


Support and strategy development for driving your parts business.

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Karl Glenn, Business Development Consultant

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