CCE supports telecomms provider to deliver enterprise cloud services

The Coming Computer Engineering (CCE) team over in Belgrade is delivering enterprise cloud services and has raised the VMware cloud platform for one of the region’s largest telecommunications providers.

A win-win for users
This development allows service providers to provide enterprise cloud services in the infrastructure leasing sector. It also enables them to provide their users with computing, storage and networking infrastructure resources on demand. Users can then manage these resources manually through a self-service portal or programmatically through APIs and integration tools.

Create a virtual data centre
Service providers can create virtual data centres for their users from their hardware resources, track the consumption of resources in them and perform billing, all with the help of a unique VMware enterprise cloud platform.

Multi-cloud platform = multi-services
In addition to IaaS services, this multi-cloud platform provides services such as disaster recovery, desktop-as-a-service and managed Kubernetes which are also implemented using VMware enterprise infrastructure solutions.

Our colleagues at Coming have many years of experience in consulting, design, implementation and maintenance of enterprise cloud platforms for companies in the telecommunications industry based on VMware and Veeam technologies.

To find out more about this project, call or email Karl Glenn on 07736 404080 or