CCE: Your IT Team on Demand!

Our new IT Team on Demand service provides unparalleled flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients. So, we thought we’d share a few examples of how companies can benefit…


Enabling a B2C business to consolidate, grow and succeed
A B2C company, predominantly based in UK & Ireland, began to experience rapid growth thanks to a series of strategic acquisitions across Europe. This company already had existing and acquired IT infrastructure that needed ongoing support, as well as an expanding number of employees requiring IT support. It was also facing various on-going projects that were starting to create significant challenges.


The fact that IT resource was proving ever more difficult, costly and management intensive than it ever had done prior to the pandemic saw the senior management team asking the urgent question: do we carry on trying to build sufficient resource and skills to meet our ever-changing needs or do we source an external partner who can provide all of this for us?


CCE can deliver a managed service for the day-to-day operational support coupled with the specialist expertise as and when specific projects demand.


What happens when demands outpace resource
A global vehicle manufacturer with a long-established IT department contacted us after demands on the in-house teams started to out-pace the available resource. The company was performing well, however requests began to back-up and it quickly became clear this was impacting the firm and could potentially stifle future growth if not addressed.


To further exacerbate the increasing queue of requests, the internal IT teams were dispersed and largely out of region making it more difficult for immediate issues or needs to be resolved. Also, whilst there were many professional skills within the team, there were distinct gaps and an evident insufficient resource.


We work with you to put together a bespoke plan for our IT Team on Demand service that would support the business and futureproof your IT infrastructure with ongoing, fully scalable provision. Having a partner who has the expertise, knows the business through the assigned technical and commercial managers and a fast-track approach to responding, agreeing and putting in place the necessary services will provide far greater flexibility and ensure the business can operate at its best.