Helping European businesses overcome disruption to workforces

With thousands of European businesses increasingly affected by supply chain issues and disruption to workforces, we’re seeing a rise in enquiries for our IT Team on Demand service.

Having a skilled and reliable IT partner to provide support for one-off or ongoing projects is proving invaluable for a wide variety of companies across a number of different sectors including engineering, automotive and management consultancy.

Explains Karl Glenn, business development consultant here at CCE: “Many of the clients we’re already working are at capacity when it comes to IT personnel in particular. The problem they are all facing is a common one: projects piling up but limited resources to deliver them thanks to disruption to workforces.

“Whilst it’s extremely positive to see business is booming for many, it’s also a precarious position to be in. How can any company capitalise on new opportunities and grow at the same time that it is facing skills shortages and juggling supply chain problems not to mention rising energy and living costs? It’s an impossible situation with more and more business finding themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. That’s where CCE can help with our IT Team on Demand service.

What is ‘IT Team on Demand’?
IT Team on Demand is an expert and highly skilled team of IT professionals whose sole function is to work as a seamless extension to an existing IT team or provide an entire IT function whenever required.

This comprehensive offering is the perfect IT infrastructure solution for any company faced with workforce disruptions. It covers a broad range of services required to maintain a robust and secure IT infrastructure designed to deliver commercial success. Designed to be implemented with zero fuss, simply pick and choose exactly how and when the service is required.

What to do when demands outpace resource
So, what can you do when demands outpace resource? That’s exactly what happened to a global vehicle manufacturer with their IT department. The IT director called us when demands on the in-house teams began to quickly out-pace available resource. The company was performing well, however requests began to build up and this soon had an impact on the entire business. Future growth was at risk if the issues were not effectively tackled.

To further exacerbate the increasing queue of requests, internal IT teams were dispersed and largely out of region making it even more difficult for immediate issues or needs to be understood and resolved. Also, whilst there were many professional skills within the team, there were distinct gaps and an evident insufficient resource.

The solution
Working alongside the IT director and internal team, we put together a bespoke plan to address the issues outlined above. We started by assigning additional personnel from our IT Team on Demand, each tasked with looking at the project load and completing specific tasks therein. As the overall project progressed, we were also able to provide constructive suggestions and respond to ‘general’ enquiries and demands and worked seamlessly as an extension of the wider team.

In this way, as an expert partner, we were able to support the business and futureproof its IT infrastructure with an ongoing, fully scalable provision.