Skilled IT professionals in demand thanks to switch to hybrid working

The future has never been brighter for skilled IT professionals and the IT sector in general thanks to the switch to hybrid working triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a direct result of the ‘work from home’ mandate established back in March 2020, millions of office-based commuters suddenly found themselves using their kitchen table as a desk. Demand for broadband and an agile, efficient and highly secure desktop on which to work remotely went through the roof, and so did the demand for IT experts to deliver all of the above.

Don’t get left behind because of your digital strategy
Opportunities to work in IT are rife right now. There are still thousands of companies across a variety of sectors that don’t have an effective digital platform. And that means they’re missing out and in danger of being left behind by their competition that do.

“If your company’s digital strategy is lacking you won’t be able to implement your business strategy successfully no matter how hard you try,” explains Karl Glenn, business development manager at CCE.

“From core infrastructure and cloud applications to business continuity and special project management, we’ve recorded an exponential increase in enquiries and demand for our services over the last 18 months. This growth is clearly in line with the huge need to skilled IT workers that the UK and Europe is experiencing and it’s one of the main reasons why we’ve developed our ‘IT Team on Demand’ service.

Fill the IT gaps 
“We know first-hand from our clients how difficult it is to find (or recruit!) the right people with the right IT skills. There simply aren’t enough people out there in the job market. We can’t wait for an upsurge of youngsters to qualify in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) skills, we have to address and fill the IT gaps now.”

Continues Karl: “As working practices have changed, so has our attitude to how and where we actually work. These changes could have far-reaching consequences if not approached correctly. For example, a recent YouGov survey published by Microsoft UK revealed that 51% of respondents would consider leaving their company if the flexibility of remote and office working was removed.

“Imagine losing a percentage of your workforce because a) you were not willing to embrace flexible working or b) you don’t have the required IT infrastructure in place to even deliver a fast, secure and efficient remote working platform. Even if you do have an effective and reliable IT infrastructure in place, the demands on your IT team or existing IT supplier may simply be overwhelming. We’re seeing more and more companies drowning in a sea of IT gaps simply because they don’t have enough resources.

An IT Team on Demand
“Rapid access to specialised or ‘one-off’ project-based solutions, resources and skills such as micro services, cloud migration and business continuity is key to business success and growth. That’s exactly what you can expect from our ‘IT Team on Demand’ service. We focus on filling the IT gaps while you get on with growing your business, it’s that simple!”

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